Join Us We are actively seeking new partnerships with scientists, physicians, pharmaceutical companies, and foundations who are interested in preclinical studies leading to Phase I clinical trials in gastroesophageal cancer.

Industry Partnerships

If you are conducting preclinical research, developing platforms in solid tumors, or testing drug candidates, GEMINI offers collaborative opportunities that include:

  • Access to numerous unique patient-derived upper GI cancer organoids and primary GE cancer cell lines
  • The ability to test drug candidates in multiple genetically engineered mouse models of upper GI cancers
  • Collaboration with a network of leading Phase 1 GI medical oncologists
  • Acceleration of your basic, translational, or preclinical research leading to Phase 1 clinical trials

Scientist and Oncologist Collaborations

Benefits for scientists and oncologists partnering with GEMINI include:

  • Rapid access to funding for gastroesophageal cancer-related preclinical research and Phase I trials
  • Multi-institutional collaboration opportunities with GEMINI members
  • Access to gastroesophageal cancer patient samples, organoids, and mouse models within the GEMINI network
  • Updates and information on the latest developments in the field


The Torrey Coast Foundation provides matching funds to foundations willing to provide grants for gastroesophageal cancer research.

If your foundation currently funds cancer research, our funding can amplify your impact while enabling your investigators to benefit from collaborations with GEMINI.

If you are interested in joining the GEMINI consortium or would like to learn more, please complete the following form.

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