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Tae Hyun Hwang, PhD

Florida Department of Health Cancer Chair, Department of AI and Informatics, Cancer Biology, and Immunology, Mayo Clinic Co-founder, KURE.AI Therapeutics

Tae Hyun Hwang PhD holds an endowed Florida Department of Health Cancer Chair position in the department of Artificial Intelligence and Informatics, Cancer Biology and Immunology at Mayo Clinic. His research is focused on developing novel machine learning and AI algorithms utilizing spatial transcriptome/proteomics, single cell, digital pathology, and other omics data to deliver precision oncology care. Through AI and Machine Learning approaches, his lab discovered molecular subtypes of gastric cancer linked to distinct clinical outcome, and identified predictive biomarker of chemotherapy and immunotherapy and therapeutic targets for combinatory therapy and cellular therapy. He is a co-founder of KURE.AI Therapeutics, AI and Machine Learning driven biopharmaceutical company developing novel cellular therapy products.