The Gastro Esophageal Malignancies Investigator Network Initiative (GEMINI) is funded by the Torrey Coast Foundation.

Dr. Sandra Ryeom serves as the scientific leader of GEMINI.

Her work is instrumental in identifying new projects, defining research objectives, and facilitating collaborations across research institutions.

GEMINI is building an ecosystem to transform the gastroesophageal research and treatment landscape.

Our aim is to deliver practice changing treatments to the clinic. To accomplish our objective, we need to develop new combination therapies, identify novel targets, and design new approaches.

We are willing to be bold, fund new investigators to the field, and pursue high-risk, high-reward approaches.

Traditional grant approaches provide funding in silos. We aim to connect preclinical work through various stages and facilitate translation into the clinic.

We are currently partnering with life science firms to test their solid tumor drugs in our preclinical models.

Through our high throughput testing initiatives leveraging multiple GEMINI sites, we aim to identify new single agent and combination treatment options and facilitate their introduction into the clinic. We are also able to fund novel platforms and build infrastructures to aid with commercialization.

We'd also like to give a sincere and special thank you to Lynn DeGregorio and the DeGregorio Family Foundation, who have provided tremendous support by introducing new scientific collaborators into the GEMINI consortium.