GastroEsophageal Malignancies Investigator Network Initiative

GEMINI Funded by the Torrey Coast Foundation

GEMINI is a consortium of academic scientists and oncologists devoted towards discovering new therapies for gastroesophageal cancer.

GEMINI takes a big picture perspective in discovering and facilitating new treatments for gastroesophageal malignancies.

We connect scientists and clinicians studying gastroesophageal cancers across multiple institutions with the objective of translating preclinical research into therapies for patients.

We translate our funded preclinical research into Phase I investigator-initiated trials through our network of oncologists with experience as Principal Investigators on both investigator and industry sponsored clinical trials.

An ecosystem to facilitate translational gastroesophageal malignancies research

We help our affiliated investigators overcome hurdles affecting their research.

GEMINI expedites access to patient tumor samples through our network of collaborators, substantial collection of patient-derived gastroesophageal cancer organoids, and multiple genetically engineered mouse models of gastroesophageal cancer. Labs affiliated with the GEMINI network can validate preclinical findings as well as undertake preclinical studies on behalf of academic investigators and industry partners.

We encourage innovative research projects and invite investigators new to gastroesophageal malignancies.

GEMINI funds high-risk, high-reward research projects that may not be able to get funding from other sources. Funding requests are typically assessed within a few days.